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Complex Kit Assembly

Almac has the flexibility to meet your complex kit assembly outsourcing requirements from low volume, manual kitting through to high volume, semi-automated processing to meet the needs of larger scale commercial market demands.

With recent investment in our US commercial packaging facility, we have enhanced our capabilities by adding bespoke technology for the specialized packaging of complex medical and pharmaceutical kits including medical devices, combination products and biologic packs.

This new semi-automated packaging system (SAPS) was custom designed, built and installed by Almac’s in-house engineering team providing a best-in-class packaging solution for an array of kit packs including medical device kits and parenteral delivery forms.

The SAPS line provides a streamlined and efficient semi-automated process for the packaging of complex medical kit components and can process both standard and custom syringes, as well as auto-injector pens and any other medical devices. The highly customisable technology can operate to various scales, allowing for a variety of pack formats from sample kits to marketing packs in addition to multi-product dosage packaging.

This innovative complex kit assembly technology is integrated with additional processes to allow for serialization/carton overprint configurations.

Click here to learn more about our Semi-automated Packaging System.

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