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Platforms & Technologies

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Platforms & Technologies


A Range of Platform Partnerships

We have strong partnerships with all of the major platform providers including Illumina, Thermo Fisher, QIAGEN, IDT Archer, nanoString, PGDx and Bio-Rad.

Multiple Sequencing Solutions

Almac Diagnostic Services offer a range of multiple sequencing solutions for DNA, RNA and Blood. 

To view the range of platform solutions click each of the links below. These pages contain detailed information such as technical spec sheets, whitepapers, webinars and ‘at a glance’ information on inputs, deliverables, turnaround time, features & benefits.

Data Analysis Solutions

In addition, Almac has also created proprietary data analysis pipeline solutions such as Almac claraT for RNA Gene Expression Analysis and Almac WES software suite for DNA analysis.

Our Range of Platforms

Almac Diagnostic Services offer clients a unique diagnostic approach that allows clients to tailor their assay development and validation requirements across multiple platform and chemistry options for DNA and RNA analysis to suit their specific biomarker program needs.

Supporting Services

Almac Diagnostic Services offer the following range of supporting lab services:

Follow the links to find out more.

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