Almac’s Breakthrough Biomarker for Stage II/III Colon Cancer

This true example of a powerful multiplex signature involves a 634–probe set signature that can identify patients at high-risk for recurrence and/or high risk for cancer-related death. Importantly, it has been shown to perform independently from known prognostic factors.

The work has been validated in two independent studies, both of which have been published in The Journal of Clinical Oncology. (For further information, you can find links to these papers below). Both studies show the ColDx assay to be a significant, independent predictor of recurrence-free interval in stage II colon cancer therefore indicating it’s potential utility with traditional clinical risk markers to refine patient prognosis.

Professor Richard Kennedy, MD, PhD, McClay Professor in Medical Oncology, Queens University Belfast and VP and Medical Director, Almac Diagnostic Services commented, “The ability to accurately stratify stage II colon cancer patients into low and high risk categories provides invaluable information, ensuring clinicians are better informed when deciding the most appropriate treatment for their patients”.

This assay has now been launched in the US by Helomics Therapeutics Inc.® as GeneFX colon, and will help identify those patients at greatest risk of cancer recurrence, for whom chemotherapy may be a useful option following surgery.

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