Tailored Diagnostic Solutions

From Biomarker Discovery to CDx Development & Commercialisation

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Tailored Diagnostic Solutions

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Our global laboratories offer tailored solutions from discovery to commercialisation:
• Biomarker discovery
• Custom assay development & validation
• DNA and RNA panels
• Flexible CDx development & commercialisation models
• Expert regulatory support
• Bioinformatics & software development

Almac Diagnostic Services

Complete flexibility. Quality experience. Innovative Solutions

Almac Diagnostic Services is a stratified medicine company specialising in biomarker driven clinical trials. Our global laboratories provide tailored diagnostic solutions from biomarker discovery to CDx development & commercialisation, with a collaborative approach and reputation for quality.

We offer clients complete flexibility for their biomarker strategies, supporting all CDx models from single site PMA to IVD kit.

Almac enable assay development across a range of platform & chemistry options and have extensive experience working with multiple disease indications & multiple sample types. We also provide innovative data generation & analysis solutions, utilising Almac optimised workflows, proprietary bioinformatics pipelines & unique reporting tools.

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