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Pooled inventory and Just In Time labeling (JTL) meets demand for multiple channels

When a drug returns compelling results during clinical trials, and when the drug has been developed to fulfill an unmet need for a life-threatening disease, regulators may choose to fast track drug approvals. However, when the drug is required for both commercial purposes and continued, extended clinical trial use, the impact on supply and demand processes can be overwhelming.

Pooled inventory and Just In Time labeling (JTL) meets demand for multiple channelsWith a finite drug supply, one oncology-focused pharmaceutical company was faced with running multiple, parallel trials to establish performance across several therapeutic areas – in addition to accommodating the demand for commercialized product.

Download our latest Case Study to find out how Almac Clinical Services used a pooled inventory strategy and a Just In Time labeling (JTL) approach to ensure all studies received the drug quantities needed to best support patients, at the right time, in the right place and without waste.

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