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Building an Effective Global Supply Chain Through Implementation of Successful IOR Strategies

In this webinar: Building an effective global supply chain through robust distribution and IOR strategies, Sharon Courtney, international logistics specialist, discusses why an effective distribution strategy is essential to a clinical trial’s success.

Sharon uses real-life examples to explain and demonstrate key areas for consideration such as:

  • The key to developing an effective distribution strategy
  • Identifying the optimum strategy and key milestones for effective distribution
  • The role of Importer of Record for sponsors undertaking global trials
  • The 3 fundamental elements of Importer of Record: tariff classification, valuation and country of origin
  • Country-specific nuances in import/export criteria

What you will learn

  • Best practices and common pitfalls for when you are shipping internationally
  • How to reduce risk and maximize your global opportunities
  • Best practices for outsourcing export responsibilities to an experienced third party
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