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Cambridge Science Festival 2022, Panel Discussion: “Can precision medicines transform healthcare for chronic diseases?”

Listen to an expert panel, convened by AstraZeneca, at the Cambridge Science Festival in 2022 who discuss chronic disease and precision medicine approaches.







  • Maria Orr, Head of Precision Medicine BioPharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca


  • Dr George Mells, University of Cambridge (Geneticist)
  • Dr Eoin McKinney, University of Cambridge (CVRM Clinician)
  • Prof Richard Kennedy, Almac Diagnostic Services (Diagnostics Partner)
  • Adam Platt, VP and Head of Translational Science and Experimental Medicine, Respiratory and Immunology, AstraZeneca (Drug Developer)

Key themes and questions

Some of the key themes explored in the panel are:

  • the unmet need across chronic diseases and the potential that precision medicines have for patients, clinicians, and healthcare systems
  • the differences between the development of precision medicines in oncology and complex chronic diseases
  • the current scientific research that is enabling precision medicine and diagnostics to potentially become a reality over the next 5-10 years
  • the challenges we are overcoming and those that we still face in delivering precision medicines for patients with chronic diseases

Video Length: One Hour

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