Dr Megan Smyth – Future Leaders program

Almac Sciences is delighted to announce Dr. Megan Smyth, Team Leader, Custom & Flow Chemistry, has been awarded a highly competitive UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Future Leaders Fellowship (FLF). The Research and Development grant, worth £1.5 million, enables further enhancement of innovative continuous manufacturing in tandem with a strong focus on development of strategic leadership thus strengthening the business skills for the Fellow.

The FLF scheme facilitates the development of the next wave of world-class research and innovation leaders for both academia and business. The FLF scheme also supports the Fellows through their ambitious and challenging projects in conjunction with the host organization.

Dr. Megan Smyth commented: “Using flow technology opens up many opportunities to replace traditional stoichiometric oxidants with inexpensive, green and abundant oxygen. Through this grant, my team and I will exploit innovative approaches such as ultrafine bubbles and 3D printing to streamline chemical processing resulting in cost savings for our customers. This oxidative platform will allow us to back integrate raw material synthesis into our manufacturing assets in the UK and Ireland resulting in more secure supply chains.” 

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Dr Megan Smyth – Future Leaders program

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