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Fuelling the engine: How to use technology to power your clinical supply chain

Leveraging technology to power your clinical supply chain requires an integrated, best practice approach, along with an understanding of the role individual systems play in assuring compliant, timely and cost-effective supply to patients. To accommodate the scale and complexity that modern clinical trials entail, the physical supply chain (the network of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, trucks, planes and people through which drugs are produced and distributed) must be underpinned and powered by a series of systems that form the digital supply chain.

Let’s take a look at the core digital systems used to capture, store and disseminate data that powers, monitors and tracks ordering, movement and administration of clinical supplies. These include Material Resource Planning (MRP), Interactive Response Technology (IRT) and Temperature Management Software (TMS).

To find out more about how Almac’s range of digital systems that can help fuel your supply chain engine download Powering the Clinical Supply Chain article

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