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Post-Brexit Solutions: The Northern Ireland Protocol and the opportunity that exists to create a robust Clinical Supply Chain strategy

Brexit has introduced new levels of uncertainty for the life sciences sector and this uncertainty still exists in the field of clinical trials in terms of market access and QP release between EU27 and UK. The need for clinical trial sponsors to put in place robust strategies to ensure continuity of supply, compliantly and cost-effectively, post-transition is paramount.

This webinar will explore the possible scenarios of a post-Brexit landscape, the impact on clinical supply chains, the core strategies available to Sponsors to ensure robust logistics and QP release while maintaining compliant, cost-effective and patient-centric operations through the transition period and beyond. It will also explain the nuances of the NI Protocol and how it can translate into a commercial advantage for sponsors and how it will be ‘business as usual’ for sponsors given the special status for Northern Ireland.

Participants will gain insights into:

  • Understanding of the NI Protocol in the field of clinical trials after the transition period and the immediate benefits to sponsors running clinical studies in the UK, EU or both
  • Detail on the free movement and transfer of clinical supplies in and out of Northern Ireland to both EU and UK destinations
  • Assurance that the NI Protocol offers unfettered access from Northern Ireland to UK and EU27 markets post transition
  • Guidance in relation to QP release and Logistics services Brexit and beyond
  • Business as usual for Rest of World shipments with no impact to import and export
  • Up to date information on the political and industry positions and guidance in relation to the transition period and beyond for the life sciences sector.
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