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The Realities of Running Next-Generation Sequencing Liquid Biopsy Panels in Clinical Trials

In this talk, Almac Diagnostic Services VP of UK Operations, Dr Leeona Galligan, will explore the realities of running next-generation sequencing (NGS) liquid biopsy panels in biomarker-driven clinical trials from a CLIA laboratory diagnostic provider viewpoint.

We will discuss the opportunities and challenges of NGS liquid biopsy panels and the critical steps involved in ensuring that they are ready for stratification use within clinical trials, as demonstrated by a biotech case study.

Almac Diagnostic Services has experience in both the development & analytical validation of blood-based molecular biomarkers so that the assays are both robust and compliant with appropriate global regulatory frameworks for prospective clinical trial stratification.

What You Will Learn

  • Key aspects of running NGS liquid biopsy panels in biomarker-driven clinical trials
  • Challenges of demonstrating adequate analytical performance of the panel
  • The importance of adequate specimen collection and stabilization
  • Data analysis pipeline considerations for liquid biopsy panels
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