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Unconventional Biocatalytic Approaches to the Synthesis of Chiral Sulfoxides

Sulfoxides are a class of organic compounds that find wide application in medicinal and organic chemistry. Several biocatalytic approaches have been developed to synthesize enantioenriched sulfoxides, mainly by exploiting oxidative enzymes. Recently, the use of reductive enzymes such as Msr and Dms has emerged as a new, alternative method to obtain enantiopure sulfoxides from racemic mixtures. In parallel, novel oxidative approaches, employing nonclassical solvents such as ionic liquids (ILs) and deep eutectic solvents (DESs), have been developed as greener and more sustainable biocatalytic synthetic pathways.
This minireview aims highlights the recent advances made in the biocatalytic synthesis of enantioenriched sulfoxides by employing such unconventional approaches.

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