Almac Announces Environmentally-Friendly Features

April 22, 2010

April 22, 2010 (Souderton, PA) – Almac, the international drug development organization, celebrated Earth Day today by revealing the environmentally-friendly features of its new North American Headquarters. The complex, which is being built in Souderton, PA, is the first of its kind and will be one of the largest integrated clinical supply and technology facilities in the world. It is scheduled to be completed in Summer 2010, and will be officially opened in Spring 2011. The 240,000 square foot facility will house more than 750 employees.

Alan Armstrong, CEO Almac Group said, “As we are now nearing completion of our new Headquarters in the Souderton community, we are pleased to announce on Earth Day that Almac has made every effort to ensure that our facility will be seen as both friendly to our environment and to our new community.”

Almac’s North American Headquarters will feature:

  • Full-Length Windows – Floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides of the administrative building will utilize natural heat from the sun to minimize heating costs.
  • Automatic Blind System – The custom blind system will be set on timers to adjust to five different positions and move as the sun does, heating and cooling each part of the building to reduce energy use.
  • White Roof – The white roof will reduce the need to cool the production building in the complex by reflecting the sun’s rays.
  • Reclaimed Water – Storm water run-off will be collected in a pond near the building and after filtration will be recycled for use within our restroom facilities
  • Non-Occupancy Lighting – All lights in the office buildings will automatically turn off when the spaces are unoccupied.
  • Energy Efficient Light Bulbs – The entire facility will be outfitted with new, “green” light bulbs.
  • Waste Separation – The company will separate all waste to maximize the recycling and re-use effort and reduce landfill waste.

The “green” focus is a core part of “Pharmony,” which is the centerpiece of the new integrated North American Headquarters. “Pharmony” is Almac’s unique approach to clinical trials that creates harmony for the pharmaceutical industry by strategically combining planning, packaging, distribution, analysis, and technology to make clinical trials more effective and efficient. Unlike other companies who focus on either manufacturing or technology, Almac brings the parts of the clinical trials process together under one roof. This creates new opportunities for efficiency, collaboration, innovation, and environmental benefits in drug development. More information can be found at

About Almac

Almac is a financially stable, privately owned organization with over 30 years experience in clinical trials services. It provides integrated development solutions to over 600 customers worldwide including world leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Services include research and development, translational genomic services, API manufacturing, formulation and analytical development, clinical trial supply and technology services, and commercial-scale manufacturing and packaging.

For more information about the Almac Group, please visit or e-mail [email protected].


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