Almac Diagnostic Services Expand Companion Diagnostic Development Service Offering with NanoString Barcoding Technology

June 8, 2016

Craigavon, N.I., UK, – 24 May 2016 Almac Group’s Diagnostic Services Business Unit today announced that it has expanded its range of Companion Diagnostic Development platforms to include NanoStrings’s nCounter Dx Analysis System with FLEX – a multiplexed diagnostic testing platform.

Almac Diagnostic Services is a personalized medicine company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of diagnostic and companion diagnostics tests. Almac’s global CLIA-accredited high-tech laboratories based in Craigavon, UK and Durham NC, USA are ready to operate both research-use-only and clinical diagnostic assays from a range of platforms including microarray, qPCR, NGS and IHC. Almac’s recent investment in NanoString’s novel digital molecular barcoding technology further supports our commitment to CDx partnerships, providing an additional platform choice on which to validate discoveries and translate them into clinically useful diagnostic assays.

NanoString’s nCounter Dx Analysis System with FLEX is a flexible platform used to translate oncology signatures from research to the clinic. The system supports research and development of clinical applications from basic discovery to the development of future molecular diagnostic tests on a single platform. Providing simple, multiplexed digital profiling of single molecules, the NanoString platform represents a natural, digital downstream companion to next-generation sequencing.

The nCounter system is uniquely positioned to support translational research on account of its ability to generate high-quality data from the difficult sample type’s common in clinical research, including Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) tissues.

NanoString’s new barcoding chemistry for the nCounter platform is a triple play, offering the ability to detect DNA, RNA, and proteins from the same sample and to harmonize the data analysis.

Professor Paul Harkin, President and Managing Director of Almac Diagnostic Services commented: “Almac offers significant expertise in the discovery, development and delivery of multiplex RNA, DNA and protein based tests and currently partners with a number of major biopharmaceutical companies to assist with companion diagnostic development. Almac’s investment in the NanoString nCounter systems serve to provide an additional platform for the delivery of complex assays expanding the options available to Almac partners.”

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