Almac Launches New Innovative Clinical Supply Systems

April 30, 2007

Almac Clinical Services develop pioneering label verification system and over-encapsulation technology leading to significantly reduced lead times in the goal for supply availability.

Almac Clinical Services has today launched two Clinical Trial supply systems that are new to the marketplace and will significantly remove bottlenecks within the supply chain process.

Almac Clinical Services has developed a new system of automated label verification. The Almac system was introduced following analysis of the current industry practice of 200% manual checking of both fixed and variable text on clinical trial study kit labels, and included discussion on how lead time could be reduced. Almac ‘s new system effectively removes the requirement for manual checking of study labels, greatly enhancing their speed of availability and provides a more robust audit trail. The label verification system is pioneering in that variable content including randomization details are checked and verified by the system as well as industry standard fixed text checking.

Almac Clinical Services have also introduced a fully automated modular over-encapsulation system that provides a significant addition to the tools available for blinding of comparator products in clinical trials. This system removes the requirements for individual tooling for each tablet shape/size resulting in improved timelines and hence start dates of the clinical trial.

These projects are aimed at redefining the clinical trial supply chain and build on Almac’s already strong portfolio of industry leading services designed to aid and assist in the development of new medicines.

Robert Dunlop, President and MD, Almac Clinical Services said: “These projects are further evidence of our success in designing services which deliver industry leading solutions into the marketplace. We have identified bottlenecks that are common within the clinical supply chain and targeted our solutions to these two key areas. We are confident that our automated label verification system and new array of comparator blinding options will assist in ensuring trials are started on time and lead times are shortened to bring drug to market.”



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