Almac wins Laboratory Team of the Year at The Irish Laboratory Awards 2013

December 10, 2013

Almac‘s Enzyme Research and Development team have been recognized at The Irish Laboratory Awards by winning “Laboratory Team of the Year.”

The awards, the first of their kind in Ireland, were held to recognize the success and achievements of Ireland’s internationally renowned scientists in areas including innovation, leadership and collaboration, and focus on the on-going work of Irish scientists to grow and develop sustainable, globally competitive science research.

The 30-strong Almac Biocatalysis Team has been at the forefront of innovation and solutions to a large number of Pharmaceutical companies and API manufacturers across the world. Enzymatic technology is increasingly displacing chemical processes, yielding a higher quality product at a more attractive price while making significant benefit to the environment.

Tom Moody, Head of Biocatalysis and Isotope Chemistry at Almac commented, “Our team is recognized globally as a key player in the area of biocatalyst research and development and we are delighted to have won this award.”

“It is now acknowledged that the need for green, economic, robust and scalable processes is at the forefront of customer research plans for the synthesis of chiral APIs and intermediates.  This award demonstrates our continued success in this field, and the Enzyme Research and Development team is a key to our future.”



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