CSS Launches Unique Consortium at CPhI

October 28, 2004

CSS  – Ireland’s leading provider of chemistry and analytical services to the pharmaceutical industry – has strengthened its business proposition with the creation of a unique consortium, offering a comprehensive technology platform, with complementary technologies aimed at the same chiral target.  The consortium was officially launched at the recent CPHI exhibition in Madrid.

CSS is an affiliate company of the Almac Sciences Group which provides pharmaceutical services across drug discovery, manufacture of API, clinical trials and drug product manufacture.  Its Operations are based in USA (Pennsylvania, North Carolina and California) and London, in addition to Northern Ireland.

This latest development brings together 4 companies – CSS; Chiral Quest; IEP and Ingenza to create a consortium that will offer a single point of contact for global clients to access a broad range of world leading technology to make chiral drug intermediate.

The companies will collaborate in three main areas – Custom Synthesis; a selction of generic drugs; and a selection of chiral building blocks.


CSS leads the consortium and brings organic chemistry expertise, process development and manufacturing capabilities. CSS will also be providing six development personnel to cover the global pharma market. IEP will bring proprietary enzymatic technology to make chiral alcohols, diols and epoxides. Chrial Quest brings proprietary chemocatalysis technology to make chiral pharmaceutical intermediates and API. Ingenza brings a novel enzymatic approach to making chiral compounds (including Amines) by deracemisation.

David Moody, VP Commercial Operations , CSS comments:

“This is a tremendously exciting development for us –  and for the industry – as we can, for the first time, offer the pharma market a single point of contact to access a broad range of the world’s must cutting edge technology in the chiral drug area.”


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