Diagnostic Services Multi Year License Agreement With GeneGo

December 19, 2006

CRAIGAVON, Northern Ireland and St. Joseph, Michigan, December 19th, 2006 –

Almac Diagnostic Services, a division of Almac Group, and GeneGo, Inc., a leading provider of software, databases and services for systems biology, announced today that Almac Diagnostic Services has licensed the flagship datamining suite, MetaCore.

The multiple-year agreement will allow Almac Diagnostic Services’ scientists in the UK and US to use MetaCore in the development of novel microarray-based products for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Almac Diagnostic Services’ Genomic Services division who deliver comprehensive genomic services to academic, biotech and pharmaceutical customers will also use Metacore.

Almac values the completeness and quality of content coverage in MetaCore from signaling ligands to core metabolic pathways, its intuitive interface and comprehensive automated analysis workflows.

“We compared several platforms before we finally decided on GeneGo. MetaCore has broad and deep, high quality content coverage, which was important to us. Furthermore its ability to work with mixed ID’s is critical for our internal R&D work and service offerings based on our unique DSATM (patent pending) research tools” said Dr Vitali Proutski, Bioinformatics Manager at Almac Diagnostic Services. “We were also very impressed by GeneGo’s responsiveness and strong customer support which we feel is vital in relationships with our partners.”

“We are very pleased to welcome Almac Diagnostic Services as a new GeneGo customer. Our experience with them during the thorough evaluation was very positive, with constant communication between Almac Diagnostic Services and GeneGo scientists” said Julie Bryant, Vice President of Business Development at GeneGo. “Our products are gaining momentum in clinical diagnostics, both on the development side and among practitioners. Almac combines both as a highly reputable, scientific oriented new generation CRO.”

About Almac Diagnostic Services

Almac Diagnostic Services – a division of the Almac Group– develops, markets and supplies, leading edge genomic products and services.

Almac Diagnostic Services has two divisions:

The Genomic Services division provides all inclusive gene expression, SNP and bioinformatics services to academia, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. These services include analysis on our unique Disease Specific Array™ research tools, which provide the ability to detect the maximum information in a given cancer type. Almac Diagnostic Services is the first Authorized Affymetrix Service Provider to successfully gain accreditation to ISO17025 for our comprehensive Gene Expression Microarray and Bioinformatics services.

The Research & Development Division develops, using proprietary DSATM research tools, new tests that will change the way cancers are managed in the future. These proprietary arrays provide unique information for individual cancer types and represent a stable, long-term platform for the development of clinical diagnostics.


About GeneGo

GeneGo develops systems biology technology for life science research. The original computational platform allows an integration and expert analysis of different kinds of experimental data (mRNA expression, proteomics, metabolomics, siRNA and other phenotypic data) and relevant bioactive chemistry (metabolites, drugs, other xenobiotics) within the framework of curated biological pathways and networks.

GeneGo’s flagship product, MetaCore 4.1, assists pharmaceutical scientists in the areas of target selection and validation, identification of biomarkers for disease states and toxicology. The second product, MetaDrugTM is designed for prediction of human metabolism, toxicity and biological effects for novel small molecules compounds. MetaBaseTM represents the knowledge base for MetaCore.

For more information, please visit the company’s web site at www.genego.com MetaCore™, MetaBaseTM and MetaDrugTM are trademarks of GeneGo, Inc.

Contact: Julie Bryant

VP Business Development and Marketing

GeneGo, Inc.

(858) 756 7996

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+44(0)28 3833 7575


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