NEW Fluorescence Lifetime Platform Unveiled at SLAS

January 25, 2016

Melbourn, UK, 20 January 2016. Combining their well-established expertise in drug discovery automation plus peptide and protein engineering and manufacture, TTP Labtech and Almac Group have formed a strategic partnership to bring you a fully integrated fluorescence lifetime platform. Being launched on Booth 621 at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Conference in San Diego, USA the new platform comprises TTP Labtech’s new ameon® lifetime reader and Almac’s FLEXYTE® lifetime assays and reagents for precise lifetime assays, to provide a simple one-stop shop for robust, cost-effective drug screening and profiling.

On the booth, the new compact ameon lifetime reader will be on show which offers a step-change in lifetime data acquisition. Experts will also be on hand to explain how the reader can be combined with FLEXYTE lifetime reagents for the screening of common drug targets such as protein kinases and proteases, as well as challenging epigenetic targets. Applying such a powerful combination allows researchers to reduce compound-related assay interference, select fewer false leads and obtain the reliability normally associated with biophysical methods at the compound screen stage.

For scientists wanting to find out more about the unrivaled advantages of this accessible lifetime technology, there is a lunch tutorial entitled “An exciting talk: use of fluorescence lifetime technologies for high-throughput protein kinase screening and profiling” delivered by leading industry speakers on Monday 25th January from 12.30-13.15 in Room 1A. Please click the link to register There are also poster presentations from AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline detailing their recent experience with the platform.

Dr Wayne Bowen, CSO at TTP Labtech, stated: “We have listened, and in partnership with major pharma companies, have developed an intelligent approach to improve the efficiency of compound screening. Most screening methodologies continue to be impacted by too many false hits and the limited throughput of orthogonal biophysical technologies; the intrinsic robustness of Almac’s FLEXYTE lifetime reagents coupled with the precision of TTP Labtech’s new ameon lifetime reader sets a new benchmark for cost-effective screening through better discrimination of lead compounds at an earlier stage within the drug discovery process.”

Dr Charles Shields, VP of Peptides & Small Molecule API at Almac commented: “We believe that the strategic partnership between TTP Labtech and Almac will bring to the screening community a true step-change in assay performance with the ability to uncover previously obscured leads and the potential to access new chemical space.”

About TTP Labtech – natural innovators

From its global headquarters based near Cambridge, UK, TTP Labtech creates, designs and manufactures robust and innovative automated laboratory instrumentation and consumables for both the academic and industrial sectors of pharmaceutical and biotech research.

TTP Labtech is part of TTP Group plc, a company that originated from The Technology Partnership (TTP) which is Europe’s leading independent center for innovation. Since 2002, TTP Labtech has successfully combined cutting edge science with first rate engineering. Innovation is at the core of the company and is illustrated by the passion and expertise of its personnel and evidenced by the novel products and technologies that are brought to market.

TTP Labtech provides state-of-the-art solutions developed for specific product areas: cell-based screening (acumen Cellista®, mirrorball®); sample management (comPOUND®, arktic®, lab2lab) and low volume liquid handling (mosquito®, dragonfly®).

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About Almac Group – ‘Partnering to Advance Human Health’

The Almac Group is an established contract development and manufacturing organization that provides an extensive range of integrated services to over 600 companies globally within the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. The services range from R&D, biomarker discovery and development, API manufacture, formulation development, clinical trial supply, IXRS® technology (IVRS/IWRS) through to commercial-scale manufacture.

The international company is a privately owned organization that has organically grown over 30 years and now employs in excess of 4,000 highly skilled personnel.  Almac is headquartered in Craigavon, Northern Ireland with operations across the US (Pennsylvania, North Carolina and California) and in Asia (Singapore and Tokyo).

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