Pharma Companies Combine Under Almac Banner

June 19, 2006


Almac has announced the re-branding of its five business divisions under one brand name. As the company consolidates its position as a world leader in the provision of integrated research, development and manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, Chairman Sir Allen McClay discussed the rationale behind the re-branding:

“Since its establishment in 2001 Almac has grown rapidly into a $600million company which employs almost 2,000 people offering a full range of pharmaceutical services to Pharma, biotech and virtual organizations. We work in the fields of drug discovery, research and development, patient diagnostics, clinical trials for new drugs, formulation and packaging of drugs and the commercialization of pharmaceutical product. These services have grown to the point where we now offer an unparalleled range of pharmaceutical services on a global scale.”

“The consolidation of our services under the Almac brand will enable us to go to the market with a single identity and a range of capabilities which will meet any requirement our clients have within our areas of expertise. The re-branding of our various divisions will also aid in the international marketing of Almac and truly sets our company apart in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. I believe that no other single business can offer such a seamless, fast and efficient route from drug discovery through to market.”

Almac now comprises five closely integrated divisions, Almac Sciences (formerly CSS), Almac Clinical Services (formerly CTS), Almac Clinical Technologies (formerly ICTI), Almac Pharma Services (formerly PDMS) and Almac Diagnostic Services. The company is headquartered in Craigavon, Northern Ireland. US operations are based in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and California. In Europe, as well as Craigavon, operations are also located in London and Edinburgh.

Almac Chairman, Sir Allen McClay, established the Almac business in 2001 with the purchase of CSS, CTS, ICTI and PDMS from Galen Holdings Plc, while Almac Diagnostic Services was formed in 2003.

Sir Allen adds: “Each division of Almac is made up of people who are highly skilled and represent the best talent available in their respective areas of expertise. By bringing these resources together in a more structured way, Almac is ensuring that the collective skills and expertise which exist across the five divisions will further enhance our position as a world leader in the provision of services to more than 600 companies including all of the pre-eminent, household names in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and development sectors.

“Whilst the strength of the company is based on the integration of its combined services, customers may also select individual services specific to their own requirements.”

Our vision:

‘Almac will be the leader in the generation of superior solutions for the advancement of human health.’


Almac Sciences (formerly CSS) provides innovative chemistry solutions and products supporting drug discovery, development and commercialization.

Almac Clinical Services (formerly CTS) provides a global service for managing the manufacture, packaging, labeling, release, distribution, return and analysis of clinical trial supplies. Almac Clinical Services is located in Northern Ireland and both Pennsylvania and North Carolina in the US.

Almac Clinical Technologies (formerly ICTI) specializes in the use of integrated technology and project management solutions (IVRS, Web, EDC / eDiary) to accelerate clinical trials, increase data quality and reduce trial costs. Almac Clinical Technologies solutions are at work in more than 80 countries.

Almac Pharma Services (formerly PDMS) provides formulation development through to commercial scale manufacturing services, QP release and distribution of finished product.

Almac Diagnostic Services, formerly known as ArraDx, develops, markets and supplies leading edge genomic expression services and novel diagnostic products, including its proprietary Disease Specific Arrays (DSA’s), aimed at radically improving the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Almac Diagnostic Services works closely with The Center for Cancer Research and Cell Biology at Queen’s University Belfast.

Almac’s services and facilities are licensed globally in accordance with international regulatory and quality standards including the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, (MHRA) and the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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