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Key Reasons for Outsourcing your Formulation Development and Manufacturing Needs

Of late, there has been an increasing number of large scale pharma companies utilizing CDMOs for early phase development, and Almac are increasingly experiencing outsourcing early development activities. Almac Pharma Services services supports various aspects and key elements of the clinical and commercial supply chain.

Read our recent article penned by James Hurst, VP Operations Almac Pharma Services, published by Contract Manufacturing.

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Almac Pharmaceutical Drug Product Development

Addressing the increasing pressure on pharmaceutical companies to bring clinical candidates through their pipeline faster and with greater efficiency, Almac Pharma Services provide expert pharmaceutical drug product development solutions.

Our scientists can develop clinical candidates into optimum formulations and manufacture solid oral dose products for all stages of clinical trials.

From developing a fit-for-purpose formulation for First-in-Human trials, to scaling up for late phase trials.

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