Dr. Victor Diaz Perez

Dr. Diaz is responsible for Almac’s Solid State Chemistry and Physical Sciences business and tasked with strengthening the overarching chemical development strategy.

Before joining Almac, Dr. Diaz spent ten years with Pharmorphix®, now part of Johnson Matthey Plc., a global CRO providing solid state services for the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry. There he worked as Projects Director before being appointed as Site Manager / Operations Director. He was also a key player in the acquisition of Pharmorphix® by Johnson Matthey Plc. from Sigma Aldrich Co. Ltd, which completed in October 2015.

Before joining Pharmorphix®, Dr. Diaz worked for over seven years as a Medicinal Chemist at Medivir AB, both within the hit identification and lead optimisation teams and, prior to that, he worked at High Force Research, Ltd providing chemical synthesis and R&D service to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical industries.

Victor has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Seville working on the design, synthesis and evaluation of glycomimetics of natural occurring azasugars used for the inhibition of glycosidases. He has also been awarded CChem status and recognition as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.