Emma Jordon

Throughout my time with Almac I have been exposed to many challenges and areas of the business that have allowed me to develop my skill set.

Can you outline your career to date?

I graduated from Queens University in 2010, and shortly afterwards I took a gap year and travelled in Australia. On my return, I applied for a temporary admin role in the Distribution Department of Pharma Services. I was successful and started that position in July 2012. I remained in that role for approximately 8 months, before moving to a permanent role within the Purchasing Department. I held that position for two years, and then moved into a management level role as Distribution Manager with Almac Pharma Services. In this role I had responsibility for the Distribution function of the business, and was added to the licence as a Responsible Person. In June 2018 I was promoted to Logistics Manager, and now have responsibility for the Distribution, Stores and Purchasing functions; I have responsibility for almost 70 employees within the Logistics Department, as a whole, with six direct reports.

What was it that made you choose Almac over other companies that interested you or with which you interviewed?

Almac is a global company with an excellent reputation as a good employer. It is one of the biggest employers in the local area, and I was aware of the opportunities that I could potentially have from working with Almac.

What makes you want to stay?

The people, the culture and the challenges; no two days are the same and throughout my time with Almac I have been exposed to many challenges and areas of the business that have allowed me to develop my skill set.

What would you tell an applicant who is applying to Almac?

Almac is a great company to work for, and given its global reach, there are always opportunities for those that are willing to work hard.

What great opportunities have you had in your role?

I have had multiple opportunities for career development, and progression throughout my time in Almac, which has meant I have been able to progress from an initial temporary admin position to a senior management position. Outside of career progression, I have also been afforded the opportunity to travel to different destinations, and engage with people of all nationalities and cultures. Also, I have had opportunities for training to develop my skills, whether that be through the Almac internal training programme ‘Good to Great’ or through external training.

July 2012

Distribution Administrator (Temp)

March 2013

Purchasing Officer

February 2015

Distribution Manager

May 2018

Logistics Manager