Scott Alvarado

With the mentorship and world-class workers we have at Almac, I am constantly being challenged and continuously developing my skills.

What does a typical day in your job involve?

Just like any business development role in our industry, my daily activities can range drastically from having an office day to meeting with clients to having an internal alignment meeting, or developing future sales strategies, etc. I would say the biggest difference in our sales positions is we have full control of our activities and can implement any ideas we would like. It’s nice to have the flexibility to take our ideas, plans, and strategies and run with it! It’s also nice having such a close team bond for support while executing our strategies. We all call each other to just to bounce ideas off of one another and we even reach out to leadership and ask to pick their brains quite regularly. The culture is so welcoming and non-intimidating to where you can really ask anything and not be judged.

What type of other skills do you need for your job, other than educational qualifications?

I think the most crucial tool needed to be successful in my role is the ability to work well with our teams/ different groups! People offer to go out of their way to ensure you’re comfortable and have all the tools and resources needed to do your job successfully. The proactive guidance at Almac makes everyone’s lives easier and I think it’s a huge piece of our success as a company. With any sales roles, the numbers and targets are extremely important, but the first step in exceeding those targets is connecting with the key players and having their support so we win as a team!

What do you love most about your job?

The people. I love working with the teams here and also how passionate everyone is! I think the founder of Almac, Allen McClay, developed a company with true loyalty and that loyalty and integrity still lives on today. Almac is still a family-type company and the majority of employees are here for the long run. With everyone on the same page, we can focus on our goals as a team and show up to work with a purpose. We have an amazing group of highly capable workers and Almac does a phenomenal job investing our results back into the company; and therefore, providing a purpose for our careers and everyday activities. My colleagues are super easy to work with across the board and it feels like your actions are true contributions to the company’s success. I’m so thankful to be part of this team and I don’t see Almac’s integrity being breached anytime soon!

What great opportunities have you had in your role?

Many things come to mind, when I hear this question, but I have to say the greatest opportunity is working with our scientists’ real time. Our technical experts are extremely innovative and consistently looking to create new technologies that will shape what the industry looks like tomorrow. Regardless of what future modernisations take place, I’m confident Almac will be well ahead the other big players in our field. Having the opportunity to be part of a team at this level of talent and being able to learn from these scientist is just an incredible experience. Having these beliefs, it’s so easy to sell Almac’s services because I know how capable our teams are and I know we will consistently meet or exceed our client’s expectation. I also genuinely believe that we have the best offerings in our industry.

Can you outline your career within Almac to date?

I have been in Business Development since I have started here at Almac. I think the biggest need I have in a job is to always be learning. With the mentorship and world-class workers we have at Almac, I am constantly being challenged and continuously developing my skills. It’s a great company that allows for people making switches; however, I enjoy working with our team and don’t see me looking to switch in the near future!