Almac Group Launches Oncology Discovery Arm

June 10, 2008

Almac Group Launches Oncology Discovery Arm

Almac Group has announced the creation of a separate division to be known as Almac Discovery. The new company will be focussed exclusively on the discovery and development of novel and innovative approaches to the treatment of cancer and associated conditions, with the goal of developing a biomarker or diagnostic in parallel with each potential new therapeutic. Projects will generally be taken to clinical proof of concept (or earlier) before out-licensing or partnering for further development.

Sir Allen McClay, Chairman and Founder of the Almac Group said “The launch of Almac Discovery is an exciting opportunity to drive forward a dedicated effort toward the development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. Almac Discovery provides us the opportunity to build upon the strong research base already established within the academic community within Northern Ireland in the basic biology of cancer, and make a real and lasting contribution towards the advancement of human health.”

Dr Stephen Barr, M.D. Almac Discovery said: “This is an exciting time in the field of personalized medicine and the potential benefits of our work are huge.”

Almac Discovery is currently looking to build its internal pipeline through partnerships and in-licensing.


Click to access Almac Discovery website.


For more details on Almac Discovery contact:

Dr Stephen Barr

MD Almac Discovery

[email protected]

T +44 (0)28 3839 5801

To discuss in-licensing or partnering opportunities contact:

Dr Robert Grundy

Director Research Alliances

Almac Discovery

[email protected]

T: +44(0)7827 322608


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